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    The prototype of the Perm gate is a classic triumphal arch, many of which have been built since the days of ancient Rome. Even for Nikolay Polissky, this is the second arch in the urban environment, after Likhoborskie Gate. But the author is concerned not so much the form as the field of ideas and meanings. He remains true to himself. For that project, it takes a type recognizable architectural structures and trying the language of material to fill it with new meaning. Each time taking into account the environment that makes up the context for site-specific works.

    Perm region is not only an industrial region, but also a place filled with myths of ancient history. Here it was necessary to get along with different cultures, to experience the hardships of the climate and to produce, to create what was necessary at this moment in Russia. The Kama river was the main road to the West, as it is from the rich forests of the region floated the logs of coniferous trees in the direction of the Volga.

    Taking the form of classical arches, biased by the letter P, or stool, as it was dubbed by the people, for he was more important to accommodate in a spirit of Cherdyn myths of particular local scale and hardness, thanks to which managed to hold the city and the region. Chaos, an infinite number of floating logs, which, nevertheless, clearly stands on its four legs, at the entrance from Moscow to the city of Perm.