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    Industrial history of Dunkerque has produced many impressive objects that now belong to urban landscape. There are so many of those things, that you don’t even notice them. But from the artist’s point of view, some elegant beauty of it’s time is hidden in them. This beauty, think’s Polissky, should be preserved and presented. To do that, he created a mystification, the central idea of which is to transform those industrial objects into mystical artifacts allegedly found in the ground.

    Basic material for the installation were huge beacons, ship buoys for open water. When their service period in North sea has expired, rusty buoys covered with seashells should have been recycled. But Polissky proposed to the city to give it a new life and to save beacons for the future generations as an art installation. Size and form of those buoys arose nostalgia for first spaceships by itself – and the artist simply increase this narrative effect. Together with assistants from Nikola-Lenivets village, French welders, volunteers, landscape artists from Atelier 710 and with support of Dunkerque citizens, Polissky created a large-scale installation which reminds a crush location of a huge spaceship.

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